The Financial institutions are being exposed to two main current trends, firstly the digital transformation, and secondly the rise of fintech institutions in the market.

RPHS Law provides to banks, micro, and non-financial institutions, insurers, lenders, and borrowers legal services related to simple daily lending loans to secured syndicated lending transactions, securitization, and other financial products. Our highly skilled team of attorneys combines deep knowledge of the Kosovo legal framework regulating the financial institutions, with a keen understanding of market trends and regulatory developments. Our Banking and Finance practice covers a broad range of areas, including: banking regulations and compliance; financing transactions; financial restructuring and insolvency; regulatory investigations and enforcement; fintech and emerging technologies in the banking sector.



One of the main assets of RPHS Law in its area of work is the extensive experience of working in an interdisciplinary team and synergistically leveraging such assets to achieve the best solution for our clients in the Corporate and Commercial Law area. RPHS Law provides advice to companies in all areas of corporate governance, which include also compliance with regulatory frameworks. In particular, the team of RPHS Law, advises on mergers and acquisitions, corporate lending, restructuring, capital, and debt investment.


The Financial institutions are being exposed to two main current trends, firstly the digital transformation, and secondly the rise of fintech institutions in the market.


At RPHS Law, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complex and ever-changing terrain of regulatory compliance. Our attorneys possess deep knowledge and experience in various regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, pharmaceuticals, energy, and more.


At RPHS Law, we believe that healthy competition is the backbone of innovation and economic growth. Our Competition Law practice is designed to help clients operate successfully within the bounds of competition law and regulations in Kosovo.


RPHS Law’s Employment Law practice is committed to providing unparalleled legal service and representation in a wide range of workplace matters. We specialize in various areas of employment law, including but not limited to, employment policies and regulations drafting, legal representation in wrongful termination and other employment disputes. Our dedicated team also handles cases related to whistleblower protection.


Navigating the dynamics and constant reforms of tax law in Kosovo can be challenging. RPHS Law assists its clients through this complex landscape, by providing legal advice and legal representation. Our services include the provision of in-depth legal advice and dedicated support for all tax-related issues your company may encounter in Kosovo. Our expert guidance spans all areas of tax law applicable to businesses, including but not limited to individual, corporate, VAT, property taxes, and more.


RPHS Law offers premier legal services in the domain of intellectual property rights. We are committed to guiding creators, innovators, and businesses through the complex terrain of IP law, fostering an environment where creativity and ingenuity are safeguarded.


In today's interconnected digital world, the protection of data is more critical than ever.


RPHS Law has a leading law practice offering comprehensive services in all aspects of real estate law. Our practice covers a broad spectrum of real estate transactions and disputes, including commercial and residential property acquisitions and sales, leasing, construction law, real estate finance, landlord-tenant disputes, and property tax matters.


RPHS Law’s dispute resolution practice focuses on resolving disputes across a broad range of sectors. We excel in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation, offering our clients effective and tailored solutions to even the most complex legal conflicts. We provide in-depth counsel and representation in, among others, commercial disputes, labor and employment conflicts, intellectual property disputes, real estate conflicts. Our approach is defined by a deep understanding of our clients' businesses and individual circumstances, enabling us to develop tailored strategies that align with their goals and priorities.


The Energy, Oil, and Mining sector in Kosovo holds significant promise for potential investments. As this sector undergoes transformative changes and rapid expansion, RPHS Law stands as a trusted advisor and representative for companies seeking guidance in navigating the challenges of this dynamic industry. Our expertise is particularly pronounced when it comes to ensuring regulatory compliance throughout licensing procedures, facilitating due diligence processes, and negotiating transaction agreements in this field.


The financial industry stands as one of the most heavily regulated sectors, demanding a comprehensive understanding of its nuances. Drawing from our extensive engagement with leading financial institutions in Kosovo and the collective expertise of our legal team, RPHS Law has cultivated an in-depth proficiency and expertise of regulatory aspects,  laws, and regulations governing this realm.


RPHS Law proudly serves as legal counsel to prominent entities within the pharmaceutical industry operating within Kosovo. Our clientele comprises both independent pharmaceutical enterprises and authorized distributors, with a majority representing esteemed global leaders in the industry. Through our extensive involvement in guiding their day-to-day activities and facilitating international transactions as wholesalers and retailers, we have garnered proficiency in this specialized domain.


The IT sector in Kosovo has witnessed a remarkable surge, accompanied by a proliferation of thriving new start-ups. Emerging as a pivotal industry with impressive earnings, it has attained a significant standing in the local landscape. A substantial portion of our esteemed clientele is deeply entrenched in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), establishing robust entities and proficient teams within Kosovo to deliver IT-centric services on a global scale.


The manufacturing industry stands as the cornerstone of the global economy, both in terms of employment opportunities and its profound impact on a country's GDP. In Kosovo, this pivotal sector is on the cusp of remarkable growth, actively seeking international investment partnerships.


In today's dynamic business landscape, companies are actively seeking innovative strategies to launch, develop, or import products, all in a bid to remain competitive. This urgency arises from the shifting behaviors of consumers who are constantly redefining their preferences for products and services.


RPHS Law brings together local and international expertise in the media and telecommunications industries, because of the cross-jurisdictional application of the industry, especially in the part of digital media.


Our legal professionals boast extensive expertise and insights in real estate and transactions. The real estate development sector stands as a beacon of profitability within Kosovo's business landscape. RPHS Law has emerged as a steadfast representative, assuming multifaceted roles across a spectrum of clients and scenarios encompassing sales, acquisitions, title matters, land use regulations, environmental considerations, leasing arrangements, financial matters, joint ventures, restructuring, including litigation proceedings.


Within the dynamic of the sports and entertainment industry, a delicate interplay of private and public regulations governs the landscape for athletes and clubs. RPHS Law takes on the role of a staunch advocate, representing athletes and clubs across a diverse spectrum of scenarios before esteemed international authorities, including the eminent Court of Arbitration for Sport.


With extensive experience and expertise, we understand the unique landscape and challenges that nongovernmental organizations in this sector face. The not-for-profit sector plays a vital role in serving the community and advancing important causes, and our team is here to offer strategic guidance and support.