We offer legal services to businesses, institutions, and individuals on a wide range of legal fields, including, commercial law and transactions, corporate law, banking and finance, intellectual property, public and regulatory law.

Corporate Law

Based on a significant number of cases handled and expertise in the field, RPHS has developed a vision and insights on all aspects of corporate law, combining best international practices with local aspects of corporate law.

We advise board of directors, shareholders and senior executives in all areas of corporate governance and compliance with regulatory framework. Further, we advise on, among others, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, restructurings and equity and debt investments. We handle all aspects of incorporation of newly established businesses, and also assist foreign companies in the registration process of their branches in Kosovo.

One of the advantages of RPHS on this field is the experience of working in multidisciplinary teams and synergizing such assets to produce best solutions for the clients.

Commercial Law and Contracts

We offer legal services on business formation, business contracts and business litigation. These include the initial registry of businesses as various type of legal entity as foreseen by Kosovo law; day-to-day contracts that are necessary for an efficient operation in market economy; potential disputes that may arise during the operation such as employment disputes, contract disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, intellectual property infringement etc.

We work with our clients in creating contracts with balanced risk allocation and clear structures of party’s responsibilities, fully matching the business goals and expected benefits for our clients. This provides our clients with legal security and clarity in their contractual relations.

One of the advantages of RPHS is the expertise of its lawyers, in addition to Kosovo Law on Obligations, with the US Uniform Commercial Code, international instruments such as UN CISG, UNIDROIT Principles and ICC texts, giving it an international expertise in our client’s cross border transactions.

Banking and Finance

RPHS shares a proven practice in banking and finance regulated by Kosovo law. We provide legal advice and services to banks, micro and non-financial institutions, insurance companies, lenders and borrowers on all aspects of banking and finance law, ranging from day-to-day straightforward loans to secured and syndicated loan transactions, securitization and other financial products. We provide legal services to both local and foreign clients operating in the finance sector who entrust us with the full range of their domestic and cross-border transactions, project financing and investment initiatives.

These services include, among others, legal advice for lenders and borrowers on investment and project financing; other credit facilities and transactions in the banking sector; incorporation, registration and license of credit and non-banking financial institutions and their branches in Kosovo; legal support of financial institutions on their day-to-day business activities and compliance with regulatory requirements; legal representation of credit and financial institutions in court proceedings related to financial operations and transactions including legal support in debt restructuring and collection.

Dispute Resolution

Our law firm encourages and shares a firm understanding on alternative dispute resolution procedures as effective mechanism to resolve disputes. We do offer legal services that involve international and domestic ADR mechanisms as means to solve legal disputes, thus minimizing risks related to dispute resolution.

We work closely with our clients in building dispute resolution strategies that are best fit for the industry where the clients operate, the type of transaction, and complexity. Our philosophy is to advise our clients to select dispute resolution mechanisms which offer predictability and professionalism, efficiency, and low costs.

Using a holistic and integrated approach, RPHS’s lawyers work in teams with technical and other experts, and in close cooperation with clients, to build strong cases, strategies and professionally protect the interests of the client

Intellectual Property

RPHS assists its clients with all intellectual property related issues. We advise and represent clients in, among others, trademark, patents, copyright, industrial design, confidentiality and privacy agreements, licensing agreements, litigation and enforcement of all intellectual property related rights. So far we have worked with and advised clients in a number of industries, such as enforcement of trademark rights in the pharmaceutical sector, collective management and distribution of copyrighted content.

Real Estate and Property Law

Real estate is one of the major investments sectors in Kosovo, representing a business opportunity for local and foreign investors.

We advise and represent our clients in all aspects related to Real Estate and Property Law. In particular, we have in-depth knowledge and experience in construction law; sale, lease and transfer of real property; tax implications and financing of purchase of real property.

RPHS advises its clients in all matters related to real estate development, purchase, sale, rental, lending and other related issues. We advise clients on, among others, environmental matters; financing; leasing; expropriation procedures; and representation in legal disputes concerning real estate.

Energy & Mining

Energy and Mining industry are another profit potential in Kosovo, representing a business opportunity for local or foreign investments. 

RPHS advices its clients in all matters related to energy and mining sector. We advise and represent companies before energy and mining regulatory authorities, in among others, licensing procedures, due diligence process, negotiation of transactions agreements involving energy and mining aspects. In addition, we assist on compliance aspects and preparation of contracts meeting specific needs of the clients, with clear allocations of risks and responsibilities.

We combine best international and European standards and the local law and procedures when suggesting strategies and legal procedures for our clients.

Telecommunications, Technology and Digital Media

RPHS combines local and international experience in the telecommunications, technology and media industry.

We advise clients and represent them before media and telecommunications regulatory authorities, in among others, licensing procedures, IP and competition related claims and complaints, privacy and breach of any other related rights. We combine best international and European standards and the local law and procedures when suggesting strategies and legal procedures for our clients.

Tax Law

RPHS has the necessary knowledge and professional experience to respond efficiently to its clients’ needs for assistance in tax matters in Kosovo. We advise and represent clients on tax issues related to the reorganization and restructuring, business and real estate transactions, and investment projects including representation in litigation and pre-trial disputes with Kosovo Tax Administration.

Taking into account the dynamics and the tax law reforms in Kosovo, we provide our clients with in-depth legal counseling and guidance, including, among others, providing legal opinions and legal support on tax issues,  registration of tax payers, advise on the interpretation of tax legislation, tax efficient contract design, providing advice on tax law violations, appeals against administrative decisions, advising on tax calculations, representation of clients in tax investigation and inspection proceedings and representation of clients in tax related disputes before administrative and judiciary bodies.

Pharmacy and Healthcare Law

RPHS Law has a specialty in Pharmacy and Healthcare Law. We represent the market leaders of the pharmaceutical industry in Kosovo, representing them before the licensing and regulatory bodies; in international transactions; and the court system.

We assist our clients in obtaining the necessary import licenses for pharmaceutical products and medical devices; in obtaining marketing authorizations; commercial contracts and dispute resolution.

We also work with some of the major private healthcare providers assisting them with licensing procedures and in their operations.

Public Procurement and Government Contracts

Having handled some of the most complex public procurement cases in Kosovo and disputes with the Government, we have gained deep knowledge on the legal framework concerning public procurement and government contracts and the practice of the relevant institutions.

RPHS works with its clients in all stages, starting from due diligence and preparation of the tender dossier, handling administrative and judicial appeals in the tendering process, protection of confidential data, compliance with competition law, negotiation of specific contractual terms, advice on contract implementation, and litigation and arbitration.

In addition, we have worked extensively with clients in transactions for outsourcing, where firms have outsourced works, supplies or services, starting from simple business operations, to complex cases of infrastructure projects construction. We have helped our clients from preparing the Request for Proposal (RFP), selection of the contractors (customers), and preparation of contracts meeting specific needs of the clients, with clear allocations of risks and responsibilities

Regulatory and Government Relations

RPHS team provides the insights and experience before the public institutions. We work closely with clients to understand the local environment, stakeholders, priorities and challenges, and we assist them to advance their objectives. We possess deep knowledge on the legal framework concerning government contracts and the practice of the public institutions.

In addition to legal knowledge, we have an unparalleled combination of industry and regulatory knowledge in Kosovo. We have worked and represented clients in a variety of sectors in administrative and regulatory proceedings, including but not limited to, licensing in energy, mining, banking, pharmaceutical and other sectors in various regulatory matters in Kosovo.

Sports Law

Sports law is the area of law which governs the play of athletes with a mixture of private and public laws such as contract law, regulatory law etc.

We offer legal advice and representation of sports players on aforementioned types of laws. In addition we also offer legal services to national sports institutions and sports clubs in respect to their compliance with regulatory framework.

Non-for-profit Law

RPHS provides the insights and experience in non-for-profit sector of its attorneys combined with the technical legal expertise and knowledge of the law.

We advice and offer services to clients in the non-for-profit sector, in among other, registration procedures with public authorities; drafting and reviewing of internal statutory documents; representation and advice on tax related issues; drafting and reviewing of contracts; compliance and representation in dispute resolution proceedings.