Banking and Finance

Financial institutions are being exposed to two main current trends, firstly the digital transformation, and secondly the rise of fintech institutions in the market. RPHS Law provides to banks, micro, and non-financial institutions, insurers, lenders, and borrowers legal services related to simple daily lending loans to secured syndicated lending transactions, securitization, and other financial products. 

Our highly skilled team of attorneys combines deep knowledge of the Kosovo legal framework regulating the financial institutions, with a keen understanding of market trends and regulatory developments. Our Banking and Finance practice covers a broad range of areas, including banking regulations and compliance; financing transactions; financial restructuring and insolvency; regulatory investigations and enforcement; fintech, and emerging technologies in the banking sector.

Corporate and Commercial Law

One of the main current issues driving the companies are sustainability and good governance. Reporting on different matters and a clear governance structure defining duties and responsibilities are gathering momentum, under pressure from potential investors who want such companies to promote sustainability.

RPHS Law provides comprehensive legal advice and services to corporate clients. Our Corporate and Commercial Law practice covers a wide range of areas, including: Mergers and Acquisitions: We offer strategic advice and representation in all aspects of mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. Our team assists clients in negotiating and structuring transactions, conducting due diligence, drafting and reviewing agreements, and navigating regulatory compliance.

Corporate Governance: We advise shareholders, boards of directors, and executives, on corporate governance matters, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. We help clients establish strong governance frameworks, develop internal policies, and address issues related to fiduciary duties and shareholder rights.

Regulatory Compliance

At RPHS Law, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complex and ever-changing terrain of regulatory compliance. Our attorneys possess deep knowledge and experience in various regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, pharmaceuticals, energy, and more.

Our Regulatory Compliance practice provides holistic support, offering guidance not just in times of crises, but more importantly, in developing proactive strategies that anticipate and manage risk, facilitate compliance, and drive business success.

Our Regulatory Compliance practice covers compliance program development and management – we assist in creating compliance programs that includes policy development, risk assessments, training, and ongoing monitoring; audit and enforcement support; regulatory filings and permits; data privacy and security; mergers and acquisitions support.


At RPHS Law, we believe that healthy competition is the backbone of innovation and economic growth. Our Competition Law practice is designed to help clients operate successfully within the bounds of competition law and regulations in Kosovo.

Our Competition Law practice offers a comprehensive suite of services that covers the full spectrum of competition law matters, including: merger clearance – we guide clients through the merger review process, from initial analysis and strategy through interactions with the Kosovo Competition Authority; market and other competition investigations – we assist in responding to market studies and investigations, and advise on strategies to mitigate potential adverse outcomes.

Employment and Labour Law

RPHS Law’s Employment Law practice is committed to providing unparalleled legal service and representation in a wide range of workplace matters. We specialize in various areas of employment law, including but not limited to, employment policies and regulations drafting, legal representation in wrongful termination and other employment disputes.
Our dedicated team also handles cases related to whistleblower protection.

At RPHS Law, we unerstand the delicacy and critical nature of employment relations within companies and organizations. This understanding is the foundation of our approach to delivering services that promote efficiency and harmony in the workplace. We specialize in drafting and revising internal HR processes, employment contracts, regulations, notices, decisions, and various other legal documents necessary to ensure compliance with employment law as applicable in Kosovo.

We provide practical advice and assistance to corporate organizations on a daily basis. We aim to anticipate potential problems and act proactively to address issues such as, employee leaves, disciplinary actions, contract termination, and other legal concerns. This approach ensures that we not only respond to issues as they arise but also take steps to prevent them, thereby reducing disruption and fostering a positive work environment.Furthermore, we take great care in crafting Employment Contracts that are tailor-made to suit the specific positions of employees and the needs of our clients. These contracts are meticulously designed to ensure the preservation of confidentiality, protection of intellectual property rights, and clear delineation of duties and responsibilities.

Tax Law

Navigating the dynamics and constant reforms of tax law in Kosovo can be challenging. RPHS Law assists its clients through this complex landscape, by providing legal advice and legal representation.

Our services include the provision of in-depth legal advice and dedicated support for all tax-related issues your company may encounter in Kosovo. Our expert guidance spans all areas of tax law applicable to businesses, including but not limited to individual, corporate, VAT, property taxes, and more.

Moreover, by integrating expertise in both corporate and tax law, RPHS Law is able to assist our clients in crafting tax-efficient contracts. These contracts serve a wide range of business needs and ventures, including mergers and acquisitions, investments, and inter-company loans. We pay particular attention to ensuring compliance with transfer pricing rules, further optimizing your financial operations.

Intellectual Property

RPHS Law offers premier legal services in the domain of intellectual property rights. We are committed to guiding creators, innovators, and businesses through the complex terrain of IP law, fostering an environment where creativity and ingenuity are safeguarded.

Our practice encompasses all areas of intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and IP litigation. Beyond registration, RPHS Law is committed in protecting our clients’ intellectual assets. We excel in drafting robust confidentiality agreements, protecting sensitive information from undue exposure.

We also have extensive experience in formulating licensing agreements that optimize the commercial exploitation of our clients’ intellectual property. In addition, we handle disputes arising from trademark infringement, patent violations, and other IP conflicts. We don’t just ensure legal compliance, but also fight for the enforcement of all intellectual property rights, helping our clients protect their creative digital assets.

Data Protection

In today’s interconnected digital world, the protection of data is more critical than ever. At RPHS Law, we understand that managing data responsibly is both a legal necessity and a strategic imperative for businesses across all sectors. Our Data Protection practice provides services to help clients manage their data protection obligations and risks, such as:

  • Compliance – we assist clients in achieving and maintaining compliance with data protection laws such as the Law on Protection of Personal Data of Kosovo and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Data breach response
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Privacy policies and procedures – we help clients develop and update their privacy policies and procedures to align with the latest legal requirements and best practices
  • Training – we offer tailored training programs to enhance data protection awareness and compliance across all levels of an organization
  • Litigation and regulatory investigations – we represent clients facing litigation or investigations related to data protection issues.

Real Estate

RPHS Law has a leading law practice offering comprehensive services in all aspects of real estate law. Our practice covers a broad spectrum of real estatetransactions and disputes, including commercial and residential property acquisitions and sales, leasing, construction law, real estate finance, landlord-tenant disputes, and property tax matters.

Beyond conventional transactional support, we have a proven track record in successfully representing clients in all stages of real estate litigation before courts and other dispute resolution mechanisms. In addition, our practice focuses also on the tax implications and financing options related to real estate purchases. We work closely with our clients to understand their financial landscape, enabling us to advise on the most tax-efficient and financially sound strategies for purchasing real estate. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that clients are fully aware of their financial commitments and potential tax liabilities associated with their real estate ventures. At RPHS Law, we understand that real estate development is influenced by a range of external factors, such as environmental concerns, land transformation procedures, and potential disputes. We provide expert counsel on these issues, helping clients to understand their obligations and rights and navigate any hurdles that might arise.

Dispute Resolution

RPHS Law’s dispute resolution practice focuses on resolving disputes across a broad range of sectors. We excel in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation, offering our clients effective and tailored solutions to even the most complex legal conflicts.

We provide in-depth counsel and representation in, among others, commercial disputes, labor and employment conflicts, intellectual property disputes, real estate conflicts. Our approach is defined by a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and individual circumstances, enabling us to develop tailored strategies that align with their goals and priorities.

Our practice is particularly strong in arbitration and other ADR mechanisms. We have a proven record of success in both domestic and international arbitrations.