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RPHS Law is a full-service law firm based in Prishtina, Kosovo, focused on providing corporate and commercial legal advisory services. We advise both local and international clients on a wide range of legal issues in the field of commercial and corporate law, banking and finance, merger and acquisitions, infrastructure and energy projects and dispute resolution. With a highly experienced team of partners and associates, we boast unparalleled expertise in handling a diverse range of legal matters for businesses. Our commitment to professional excellence and tailored legal solutions sets us apart as a leader in the legal industry.
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Should you have any inquiries or need additional information please contact us at info@rphs.law or call us at +383 49 525 222.




In today's interconnected digital world, the protection of data is more critical than ever.


RPHS Law has a leading law practice offering comprehensive services in all aspects of real estate law. Our practice covers a broad spectrum of real estate transactions and disputes, including commercial and residential property acquisitions and sales, leasing, construction law, real estate finance, landlord-tenant disputes, and property tax matters.


RPHS Law’s dispute resolution practice focuses on resolving disputes across a broad range of sectors. We excel in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation, offering our clients effective and tailored solutions to even the most complex legal conflicts. We provide in-depth counsel and representation in, among others, commercial disputes, labor and employment conflicts, intellectual property disputes, real estate conflicts. Our approach is defined by a deep understanding of our clients' businesses and individual circumstances, enabling us to develop tailored strategies that align with their goals and priorities.


The Financial institutions are being exposed to two main current trends, firstly the digital transformation, and secondly the rise of fintech institutions in the market.


One of the main assets of RPHS Law in its area of work is the extensive experience of working in an interdisciplinary team and synergistically leveraging such assets to achieve the best solution for our clients in the Corporate and Commercial Law area. RPHS Law provides advice to companies in all areas of corporate governance, which include also compliance with regulatory frameworks. In particular, the team of RPHS Law, advises on mergers and acquisitions, corporate lending, restructuring, capital, and debt investment.


At RPHS Law, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complex and ever-changing terrain of regulatory compliance. Our attorneys possess deep knowledge and experience in various regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, pharmaceuticals, energy, and more.


At RPHS Law, we believe that healthy competition is the backbone of innovation and economic growth. Our Competition Law practice is designed to help clients operate successfully within the bounds of competition law and regulations in Kosovo.


RPHS Law’s Employment Law practice is committed to providing unparalleled legal service and representation in a wide range of workplace matters. We specialize in various areas of employment law, including but not limited to, employment policies and regulations drafting, legal representation in wrongful termination and other employment disputes. Our dedicated team also handles cases related to whistleblower protection.


Navigating the dynamics and constant reforms of tax law in Kosovo can be challenging. RPHS Law assists its clients through this complex landscape, by providing legal advice and legal representation. Our services include the provision of in-depth legal advice and dedicated support for all tax-related issues your company may encounter in Kosovo. Our expert guidance spans all areas of tax law applicable to businesses, including but not limited to individual, corporate, VAT, property taxes, and more.


RPHS Law offers premier legal services in the domain of intellectual property rights. We are committed to guiding creators, innovators, and businesses through the complex terrain of IP law, fostering an environment where creativity and ingenuity are safeguarded.


The new Law on Sustainable Investments has been approved in Kosovo but is pending constitutional review at the Constitutional Court 

The Kosovo Assembly approved the new Law on Sustainable Investment on October 19, 2023. The purpose of this law ...

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RPHS Law Advises Shkolla Finlandeze, as a Seller, in the acquisition of Crossplag by Inspera

RPHS Law Advises Shkolla Finlandeze, as a Seller, in the acquisition of Crossplag by Inspera

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RPHS Law advised Puratos NV on its joint partnership with Korabi Corporation

RPHS Law advised Puratos NV on its joint partnership with Korabi Corporation

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