Legal Overview of Construction of New Buildings and Housing in Kosovo

Acquisition of property ownership in Kosovo is regulated by the Law on Property and Other Real Rights. The Law on Property, along with the Law on Cadaster, sets out the process of acquisition and registration of property in Kosovo. The Law on Property regulates the creation, content, transfer, protection, and termination of real rights, while […]

Kosova bëhet me investitorin e dytë strategjik

RPHS Law ka asistuar me sukses konzorciumin MOXICO LUMA KOSOVA MINING nga Mbretëria e Bashkuar dhe Polonia, për të marrë Statusin e Investitorit Strategjik sipas Ligjit për Investimet Strategjike në Republikën e Kosovës. Konzorciumi do të zhvilloj projektin investues VICIANUM MINING PROJECT në rajonin e Mitrovicës dhe Vushtrrisë. Shuma e përgjithshme e investimit pritet të […]

The Buzz in Kosovo: Interview with Mentor Hajdaraj of RPHS Law

Draft legislation, including a draft law to create a Commercial Court and a draft Civil Code, is at the top of the agenda for lawyers in Kosovo, according to Ramaj, Palushi, Hajdari & Salihu Partner Mentor Hajdaraj, who also points to several ongoing foreign investment disputes of significance to the country’s overall FDI strategy. The proposed creation of a […]

The Buzz in Kosovo: Interview with Fisnik Salihu of RPHS Law

“The current political situation in Kosovo is fragile, since the assembly, in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, dismissed the government of Prime Minister Albin Kurti in a no-confidence vote on March 25, 2020, triggering a huge political crisis in the country,” says Fisnik Salihu, Partner at the RPHS Law Firm in Pristina. The government […]

Regulation of the prices of pharmaceutical products in Kosovo

RPHS Law Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kosovo (MoH) today has published the Prices of Pharmaceutical Products for sale in the Kosovo market, this as part of a major reform of pharmaceutical sector foreseen under Administrative Instruction 02/2019. This publications sets and fixes: A) the maximum purchase price (price ceiling) for medicinal products […]